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Just the Beginning….

Hello friends. It’s me….and if you don’t know who ‘me’ is…keep reading…

I’m a mom of 3. Wifed up 7 years ago to a rather handsome fella who I thank God for every day. He’s amazing and he puts up with my crap. Now, don’t let that fool you, I put up a lot of his crap too, haha! That’s a story for another day, let’s talk about why I started this blog, shall we.

So, I decided to start blogging officially about a week ago, but I’ve wanted to do it for quite awhile now. I’ve decided 2019 is the year to do things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t take the time or didn’t have the confidence to do. I really want to connect with other moms, small business owners and entrepreneurs who maybe need some motivation, inspiration, a good laugh, a good read, and just someone who maybe they can relate and know they’re not alone in the crazy thing we call life.

For me, it was a rough 2018. I mean, I pretty much became a mom of 3 over night, at least it seems that way. Again, a story for another day. But I honestly wouldn’t change the path I’m on. Our story has been mapped out by our one and only creator above and we only have the power to listen or not to listen. Maybe that’s what William Shakespeare meant when he wrote “To be or not to be”. It took me a minute but now I’m ready and 2019 is My Year!!!

So, my friends, family and whomever might be reading this, I say Don’t be afraid, Do what you want to do, Dream Big, Chase your Goals, Stay on your own path, Don’t listen to the haters, ignore the dream snatchers, and ALWAYS remember YOU GOT THIS!

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope you will subscribe and follow along.

Xoxo Helena

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