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The Mom Tribe

Hello friends, it’s me….little ol’ exhausted me. If you have kids, you can relate to the constant chaos that is in your home. Especially if you have young children. Me, I have 3 kids. 2 girls and 1 boy. All are very different from each other, each bringing their own flare to the table, ha! Let’s just say, my house is very lively about 95% of the time.

Let’s talk girls, because as the saying goes, “Ladies first”…or whatever. Girls are great. They start off all adorable and cute, as any baby would. But as they get older, they get less sweet and more tude….not rude…TUDE…as in attitude!!! My oldest is 10 (going on 17) and she is awesome, but let me tell you, going from 9 to 10 was an instant change in demeanor.

Ah yes, the hormones. They are on the horizon you guys (Yay *rolls eyes*). Don’t get me wrong, she is honestly a really great girl. Heart of gold, in fact. She’s an awesome friend, amazing big sister, empathetic to others and a fantastic student. She is just experiencing what I like to call PreMS”….not full blown PMS…but Pre-MS…Pre-My-World-is-Ending Syndrome!!! Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe how many times this girl has cried over some nonsensical issue!!! It’s like, ‘get a grip sister’ it’s just a math problem….I’m literally not kidding. So, how do I deal? Well, I roll my eyes, tell her it’s ridiculous and to suck it up…….

Haha, just kidding, I’m not that mean, geez guys!!! No, But I do help her through the process it to work it out, hug her and tell her it’s going to be ok. I mean, duh, I’m her mom and I love her…sass n all!!!! But girls are tough! I mean really tough.

I have heard that as girls get older they get tougher and boys start off tough and get easier. I really hope that’s just a saying and not totally true. Ha! But as of now, it’s ringing very true. My son is the biggest love bug and the biggest punk all rolled into one! I really don’t know what planet he comes from, but seriously he’s his own funny and quirky personality. He is currently 6 years old so the puberty issue with him is a few years off (Thank God)! But let me tell you, he is like a little Sour Patch Kid. One minute he’s sour and then the next he’s sweet. Like, how come boys have a selective hearing issue? I swear my husband has it sometimes too! What’s funny (not really) is that my son is a really good student at school. Listens, behaves, does his work, etc. But when he gets home it’s like a whole different guy comes out. Let’s just say ages 3-6 have been very trying.

Now, I know what you must be thinking ‘ Geez lady, do you hate being a mom?’ And that’s just not the case. I actually really love being a mom! But being a mom is a tough job that literally you don’t get an interview or a pre-test to prepare for!!! It’s the most mind draining and fulfilling job any woman will ever have! It’s like I have this tiny army of crazy people around me that I created!!! You feel me??

Let’s talk about my baby girl!!! My little love bug! The one who hasn’t quite given me her sassy sass yet!!! Mostly because she’s only 9 months old and I’m Mommy, her favorite. In her eyes, I can do no wrong… fact the other two should take a lesson, haha! She is just a joy, the happiest of happy, and the cutest of cute. I’m biased, yep. I will admit, I’m very biased. I just love her so much I could burst! She’s the best! I think I get to really enjoy this one too because she’s my last baby. No more for us. Which makes me kind of sad when I think about it but I know it’s the right thing and let’s face it, kids are expensive!!! More so as they get older! So it’s official, we’re done!

#Momlife is the biggest blessing and has its moments where you wanna hide under a rock and hope they don’t find you. Literally, taking a shower alone is like a mini stay-cation. You might be laughing, but I’m dead serious here! I mean, no one prepares you for what you’re about to endure being a mom! And don’t get me started on being in charge of 3 extra lives on top of your own….it’s terrifying!!! All I can hope is that their daddy and I are teaching them the right approach to life and hope they go out on their own some day and make meaning with their lives!!! As I type this, I’m praying too!!! I love my babies!

To you, the mom reading this right now, I say, Girl…you got this! You’re doing an amazing job. Stop doubting yourself and know you’re doing the best you can! It’s not easy. In fact, it’s the hardest job you will ever have! They say it takes a village! And it’s true. It’s been rough holding myself together without completely losing it some days. There was once a time when I felt alone. I felt like ‘no one gets how I feel! No one will ever get it’. I felt like I had no friends to relate to and to cry with. I needed a village, my tribe. But over the years I’ve realized I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only one going through those issues. I was exactly like the rest. I like to think we’re all part of the same tribe! The Mom Tribe!

Cheers to you, Mama!

Until next time,

Xoxo Helena

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