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The Balancing Act

How many of you are working moms? Meaning you either commute to work or work from home and also have children. How many of you find it hard to find balance between being a mom, wife, homemaker and businesswoman?

In the past 15+ years of my career I’ve always been able to balance/manage my life….but in just the last 5 of those 15+ years I’ve struggled with this. Being a mom is hard in general. So when you throw a job (i.e. employed/self employed) in there, it becomes much more complicated. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “well no, because I just go to work, do what I need to do, and come home”, but wait…just wait….

Here’s the deal. Your alarm wakes you up in the morning, you drag yourself out of bed, wander down the hallway (stopping at the restroom along the way), make it to the kitchen rubbing your eyes, turn on the coffee machine, wander back down the hallway to wake your kids up for school (only to find them still in bed 30 min before school starts because getting up for school is a drag), stumble back to the kitchen to make your coffee, head to the shower, get ready for the day whilst trying to pack lunches and make sure your kids have brushed their teeth and hair (one or the other at this point), give hugs and kisses and shove them out the door (caus we live 2 seconds from the school soooo they can walk, right?)……sound familiar????

All that, in a matter of an hour or 2 and you still haven’t gotten dressed. Ha! Off to work we go. Now, for me, I work from home. I am the owner and operator of my very own beauty business. Yep, check me out, I’m big time over here. (Just kidding…kind of). I have been in my field for over 15 years and in the last 5 years decided to open the doors to my very own Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant business. So while I technically don’t “Go” to work, I’m at work, every day I walk into my kitchen (that’s where my office is).

It’s hard though, to find balance. Balance between running the show of my own biz, mommin’ it up and having just enough energy for my ever supportive husband!!! I mean, think about it….there’s so much behind the scenes stuff that has to happen to make a home based and self run business run and to be successful. So how do I find the perfect balance between work life and mom life? I literally have no clue. I’m just winging it….like my eyeliner.

2018 broke me! It really did. It was a rough year but it humbled me in a way. Brought me back to reality. I live in the clouds a lot. Get lost in the glitter and glam of things without seeing the whole picture first. I felt defeated. I felt like I cheated myself. I cheated my kids, I cheated my husband. I was all over the place. Balance wasn’t even a word. 2018….it broke me….

2019, it’s time to kick some ass! Yeah, you read that right!!!! Balance City, here I come!!! It’s the year of Goal Crushing!!! Going for the Goal!!!! Getting things handled and doing it the right way!!!! I have so much to be thankful for and proud of and I have 3 small people watching me daily, I really need to set the example!!! It’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies but that’s to be expected. I just want to not only prove it to my family that I can do it, but to myself that I can do it!!

I feel like last year was the year of roadblocks, tornadoes and other life events all happening at once. And don’t get me wrong, I was blessed with the sweetest baby girl ever, amongst all of the commotion. In fact, she made the year a lot brighter. She completed my tribe. My Squad! The balancing act just got harder!

To all the working moms out there, I get it. You’re not alone. I mean, I know I don’t physically go to a 9-5 job every day but trust me when I say, I’m away from my kids a lot more than you think…even mentally. And it’s hard. It hurts but it must be done. Like they say in Mary Kay “Short Term Sacrifices for Long Term Gain”…..that’s why I roll out of bed every day, make the coffee, wake the kids and put on my make up…….move over Beyoncé, mamas back!!!!

Until next time Friends,



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