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Ok y’all. I love animals. No like really, I LOVE ANIMALS. When I was little I only dreamed of being a veterinarian so that I could save every animal that walked through the door. I mean, seriously. I remember bringing in stray animals or rescuing hurt animals and bringing them in the house, only to be yelled at like what the heck was I thinking bringing that thing into the house! Haha, makes me laugh now because I still do it. My poor husband. The things he puts up with.

So, last summer on 4th of July, my husband, my kids and a few of my friends and I happened to be hanging out at our house for the evening. Now, normally on 4th of July we’ve either been out of town or at a friends house. But last year was different. We were home, just a low-key holiday celebration with a few close girlfriends of mine and my family. Well, it was around 8pm or so and we happened to be standing in the middle of the park across the street from my house so that we could all see the fireworks going off over by a local high school. This couple (younger man, older woman…hey, he may have been her son, but who knows these days, right?) Anyways, this couple came walking up with a little dog following behind them. We thought nothing of it, until the lady said “Hey, excuse me, but do any of you recognize this dog?”…of course, me being me, I bent down to pet the little shaking pup and answered “No, but she’s soooo cute!!”…..ok, just a warning, if this ever happens to happen to you, DO NOT…I REPEAT, DO NOT pet, cuddle smile or even give a single impression that you are remotely interested in the animal, back away S L O W L Y…..haha!!!! I got myself into a world of trouble…ok maybe not trouble but…well just keep reading….

The lady proceeds to tell me how she’s so happy that “we’re dog people” and asked if she could leave the poor little brown dog (as my husband so persistently still calls her) with us. Of course I said “Yes!!!!” I mean wouldn’t you? Ok probably not but hey, I couldn’t help myself. She was shaking and clearly freaked out and needed a place of sanctuary. She wasn’t going to get it from those people. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘did you at least try to find the owners?’ What makes you think I kept her??? Because I did, but still….the point is…

Yes, actually I really did my ‘due diligence’ and tried to find her owner. I googled the proper steps to take to try to find a stray animals owner. I even took her to my veterinarian to scan her for a microchip but sadly she didn’t have one. But he did say that she was clearly taken care of, in good shape, healthy and about 7-8 years of age. I was feeling so bad for her and her owner. Like what if a little kid was crying because she is missing her or what if she is some little old man’s BFF? Ya know? I really tried everything. Everything besides dropping her off at the animal jail…I just couldn’t bring myself to bring her there. It’s so sad there. It’s like death row for animals and I just couldn’t do it. So I filed a report there just in case someone came to look for her, they would at least have it on file and they could contact me for her to be reunited.

Well, here we are…over 6 months later….and she’s still with us. I can’t say my husband has been super stoked on her being here but he loves me and she gets along with our other two dogs and she doesn’t take up any extra room…seriously she’s only 8lbs…she’s very sweet but has a scrappy and moody attitude. She’s still learning the ways of our house and what she can and can’t do (i.e. peeing on the carpet…bad girl!!!) but she’s good with the kids, especially the baby. She’s quirky and makes me laugh. I’m not sure if this is her forever home or not but for now I’m happy that we’ve been able to give her a safe place to hang out. She’s a jerk and cute all at the same time….we call her Lola!

Until next time friends,

Xoxo Helena

This is me…I can’t help it

Send Help…Maybe Some Wine Too!!

I don’t know what it is about when my husband leaves for a week away for work but literally everything seems to fall apart. And when I say everything…I mean E V E R Y T H I N G!!! Allow me to explain….

So my husband left on Monday for a routine road trip to Las Vegas and Arizona. This is typical every few months because of his job. As per usual, I’m left to figure things out here at home…i.e. school drop offs n pick ups, dance practice, play dates, homework, baby duty, cleaning up dog pee (yea there’s that too, ugh)…shall I go on? So while my hubby, bless him, is hustling his way thru the great state of Arizona…I’m here losing my you know what!!!!

I’m not exactly sure why everything falls to pieces but it does. Let’s start with Monday……Monday my sweet little angel woke up not quite herself, making me very concerned so I took her to the doctors’. Turns out it was just a little virus and nothing major (Thank God), but nonetheless she was very cranky….on top of that my son…oh my son. Well let’s just say, his little tude needs to take the backseat! What is it with ages 3-6? Definitely not my fave with him…I’m just sayin! Maybe it’s because we’re so alike that we butt heads, but man oh man does he know how to push my buttons. So, of course, I’m reprimanding him for the majority of the afternoon that day…and yesterday…aaaaaaand today…oy’ vey!

Then let’s talk about my oldest. Now on the reg she’s pretty level, no real issues minus the occasional copping of an attitude. But tonight…all drama was unleashed…I mean to the point of making herself sick…literally she ran to the bathroom. And then within 20 min being totally fine and happy again. Ummmm what just happened? Lord, help me when ‘Womanhood’ hits her….I’m feeling like it’s going to be any day now…no joke!!! Oh and did I mention I have 3 dogs, 1 of whom just happened to appear at our home 6 months ago. Now….don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover but this one has it out for me, I swear. I’m thinking her time with us may be coming to an end here soon…no no I’m not going to do anything rash, but a re-homing sitch might have to happen…and the other two, well they’re just old and jerks…haha! Ugh!

Anyways, do I sound crazy? I don’t know, maybe I do. Honestly, when my husband is gone, it’s a lot. A lot of drama and a lot of “extra”…you know what I mean? I have no clue how single parents do it? I mean, major kudos to them because its a lot to handle by yourself!!!

I love my babies, even the furry ones…it’s just hard to “Mom It” alone and I have felt like I was drowning the past few days. Usually there’s someone in the family that’s the glue that holds everything together….I’m really thinking that my husband might be it!!! In fact, I know he is!! When he’s here, all seems to run like a well oiled machine…when he’s not…well, you know.

Do you ever feel this way? Or is it the opposite in your home? Comment below and let’s chat…

Until then my friends,

Xoxo Helena

This is too good….and true!