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Ok y’all. I love animals. No like really, I LOVE ANIMALS. When I was little I only dreamed of being a veterinarian so that I could save every animal that walked through the door. I mean, seriously. I remember bringing in stray animals or rescuing hurt animals and bringing them in the house, only to be yelled at like what the heck was I thinking bringing that thing into the house! Haha, makes me laugh now because I still do it. My poor husband. The things he puts up with.

So, last summer on 4th of July, my husband, my kids and a few of my friends and I happened to be hanging out at our house for the evening. Now, normally on 4th of July we’ve either been out of town or at a friends house. But last year was different. We were home, just a low-key holiday celebration with a few close girlfriends of mine and my family. Well, it was around 8pm or so and we happened to be standing in the middle of the park across the street from my house so that we could all see the fireworks going off over by a local high school. This couple (younger man, older woman…hey, he may have been her son, but who knows these days, right?) Anyways, this couple came walking up with a little dog following behind them. We thought nothing of it, until the lady said “Hey, excuse me, but do any of you recognize this dog?”…of course, me being me, I bent down to pet the little shaking pup and answered “No, but she’s soooo cute!!”…..ok, just a warning, if this ever happens to happen to you, DO NOT…I REPEAT, DO NOT pet, cuddle smile or even give a single impression that you are remotely interested in the animal, back away S L O W L Y…..haha!!!! I got myself into a world of trouble…ok maybe not trouble but…well just keep reading….

The lady proceeds to tell me how she’s so happy that “we’re dog people” and asked if she could leave the poor little brown dog (as my husband so persistently still calls her) with us. Of course I said “Yes!!!!” I mean wouldn’t you? Ok probably not but hey, I couldn’t help myself. She was shaking and clearly freaked out and needed a place of sanctuary. She wasn’t going to get it from those people. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘did you at least try to find the owners?’ What makes you think I kept her??? Because I did, but still….the point is…

Yes, actually I really did my ‘due diligence’ and tried to find her owner. I googled the proper steps to take to try to find a stray animals owner. I even took her to my veterinarian to scan her for a microchip but sadly she didn’t have one. But he did say that she was clearly taken care of, in good shape, healthy and about 7-8 years of age. I was feeling so bad for her and her owner. Like what if a little kid was crying because she is missing her or what if she is some little old man’s BFF? Ya know? I really tried everything. Everything besides dropping her off at the animal jail…I just couldn’t bring myself to bring her there. It’s so sad there. It’s like death row for animals and I just couldn’t do it. So I filed a report there just in case someone came to look for her, they would at least have it on file and they could contact me for her to be reunited.

Well, here we are…over 6 months later….and she’s still with us. I can’t say my husband has been super stoked on her being here but he loves me and she gets along with our other two dogs and she doesn’t take up any extra room…seriously she’s only 8lbs…she’s very sweet but has a scrappy and moody attitude. She’s still learning the ways of our house and what she can and can’t do (i.e. peeing on the carpet…bad girl!!!) but she’s good with the kids, especially the baby. She’s quirky and makes me laugh. I’m not sure if this is her forever home or not but for now I’m happy that we’ve been able to give her a safe place to hang out. She’s a jerk and cute all at the same time….we call her Lola!

Until next time friends,

Xoxo Helena

This is me…I can’t help it

Send Help…Maybe Some Wine Too!!

I don’t know what it is about when my husband leaves for a week away for work but literally everything seems to fall apart. And when I say everything…I mean E V E R Y T H I N G!!! Allow me to explain….

So my husband left on Monday for a routine road trip to Las Vegas and Arizona. This is typical every few months because of his job. As per usual, I’m left to figure things out here at home…i.e. school drop offs n pick ups, dance practice, play dates, homework, baby duty, cleaning up dog pee (yea there’s that too, ugh)…shall I go on? So while my hubby, bless him, is hustling his way thru the great state of Arizona…I’m here losing my you know what!!!!

I’m not exactly sure why everything falls to pieces but it does. Let’s start with Monday……Monday my sweet little angel woke up not quite herself, making me very concerned so I took her to the doctors’. Turns out it was just a little virus and nothing major (Thank God), but nonetheless she was very cranky….on top of that my son…oh my son. Well let’s just say, his little tude needs to take the backseat! What is it with ages 3-6? Definitely not my fave with him…I’m just sayin! Maybe it’s because we’re so alike that we butt heads, but man oh man does he know how to push my buttons. So, of course, I’m reprimanding him for the majority of the afternoon that day…and yesterday…aaaaaaand today…oy’ vey!

Then let’s talk about my oldest. Now on the reg she’s pretty level, no real issues minus the occasional copping of an attitude. But tonight…all drama was unleashed…I mean to the point of making herself sick…literally she ran to the bathroom. And then within 20 min being totally fine and happy again. Ummmm what just happened? Lord, help me when ‘Womanhood’ hits her….I’m feeling like it’s going to be any day now…no joke!!! Oh and did I mention I have 3 dogs, 1 of whom just happened to appear at our home 6 months ago. Now….don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover but this one has it out for me, I swear. I’m thinking her time with us may be coming to an end here soon…no no I’m not going to do anything rash, but a re-homing sitch might have to happen…and the other two, well they’re just old and jerks…haha! Ugh!

Anyways, do I sound crazy? I don’t know, maybe I do. Honestly, when my husband is gone, it’s a lot. A lot of drama and a lot of “extra”…you know what I mean? I have no clue how single parents do it? I mean, major kudos to them because its a lot to handle by yourself!!!

I love my babies, even the furry ones…it’s just hard to “Mom It” alone and I have felt like I was drowning the past few days. Usually there’s someone in the family that’s the glue that holds everything together….I’m really thinking that my husband might be it!!! In fact, I know he is!! When he’s here, all seems to run like a well oiled machine…when he’s not…well, you know.

Do you ever feel this way? Or is it the opposite in your home? Comment below and let’s chat…

Until then my friends,

Xoxo Helena

This is too good….and true!
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The Balancing Act

How many of you are working moms? Meaning you either commute to work or work from home and also have children. How many of you find it hard to find balance between being a mom, wife, homemaker and businesswoman?

In the past 15+ years of my career I’ve always been able to balance/manage my life….but in just the last 5 of those 15+ years I’ve struggled with this. Being a mom is hard in general. So when you throw a job (i.e. employed/self employed) in there, it becomes much more complicated. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “well no, because I just go to work, do what I need to do, and come home”, but wait…just wait….

Here’s the deal. Your alarm wakes you up in the morning, you drag yourself out of bed, wander down the hallway (stopping at the restroom along the way), make it to the kitchen rubbing your eyes, turn on the coffee machine, wander back down the hallway to wake your kids up for school (only to find them still in bed 30 min before school starts because getting up for school is a drag), stumble back to the kitchen to make your coffee, head to the shower, get ready for the day whilst trying to pack lunches and make sure your kids have brushed their teeth and hair (one or the other at this point), give hugs and kisses and shove them out the door (caus we live 2 seconds from the school soooo they can walk, right?)……sound familiar????

All that, in a matter of an hour or 2 and you still haven’t gotten dressed. Ha! Off to work we go. Now, for me, I work from home. I am the owner and operator of my very own beauty business. Yep, check me out, I’m big time over here. (Just kidding…kind of). I have been in my field for over 15 years and in the last 5 years decided to open the doors to my very own Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant business. So while I technically don’t “Go” to work, I’m at work, every day I walk into my kitchen (that’s where my office is).

It’s hard though, to find balance. Balance between running the show of my own biz, mommin’ it up and having just enough energy for my ever supportive husband!!! I mean, think about it….there’s so much behind the scenes stuff that has to happen to make a home based and self run business run and to be successful. So how do I find the perfect balance between work life and mom life? I literally have no clue. I’m just winging it….like my eyeliner.

2018 broke me! It really did. It was a rough year but it humbled me in a way. Brought me back to reality. I live in the clouds a lot. Get lost in the glitter and glam of things without seeing the whole picture first. I felt defeated. I felt like I cheated myself. I cheated my kids, I cheated my husband. I was all over the place. Balance wasn’t even a word. 2018….it broke me….

2019, it’s time to kick some ass! Yeah, you read that right!!!! Balance City, here I come!!! It’s the year of Goal Crushing!!! Going for the Goal!!!! Getting things handled and doing it the right way!!!! I have so much to be thankful for and proud of and I have 3 small people watching me daily, I really need to set the example!!! It’s not going to be all rainbows and butterflies but that’s to be expected. I just want to not only prove it to my family that I can do it, but to myself that I can do it!!

I feel like last year was the year of roadblocks, tornadoes and other life events all happening at once. And don’t get me wrong, I was blessed with the sweetest baby girl ever, amongst all of the commotion. In fact, she made the year a lot brighter. She completed my tribe. My Squad! The balancing act just got harder!

To all the working moms out there, I get it. You’re not alone. I mean, I know I don’t physically go to a 9-5 job every day but trust me when I say, I’m away from my kids a lot more than you think…even mentally. And it’s hard. It hurts but it must be done. Like they say in Mary Kay “Short Term Sacrifices for Long Term Gain”…..that’s why I roll out of bed every day, make the coffee, wake the kids and put on my make up…….move over Beyoncé, mamas back!!!!

Until next time Friends,



Mom Life

The Mom Tribe

Hello friends, it’s me….little ol’ exhausted me. If you have kids, you can relate to the constant chaos that is in your home. Especially if you have young children. Me, I have 3 kids. 2 girls and 1 boy. All are very different from each other, each bringing their own flare to the table, ha! Let’s just say, my house is very lively about 95% of the time.

Let’s talk girls, because as the saying goes, “Ladies first”…or whatever. Girls are great. They start off all adorable and cute, as any baby would. But as they get older, they get less sweet and more tude….not rude…TUDE…as in attitude!!! My oldest is 10 (going on 17) and she is awesome, but let me tell you, going from 9 to 10 was an instant change in demeanor.

Ah yes, the hormones. They are on the horizon you guys (Yay *rolls eyes*). Don’t get me wrong, she is honestly a really great girl. Heart of gold, in fact. She’s an awesome friend, amazing big sister, empathetic to others and a fantastic student. She is just experiencing what I like to call PreMS”….not full blown PMS…but Pre-MS…Pre-My-World-is-Ending Syndrome!!! Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe how many times this girl has cried over some nonsensical issue!!! It’s like, ‘get a grip sister’ it’s just a math problem….I’m literally not kidding. So, how do I deal? Well, I roll my eyes, tell her it’s ridiculous and to suck it up…….

Haha, just kidding, I’m not that mean, geez guys!!! No, But I do help her through the process it to work it out, hug her and tell her it’s going to be ok. I mean, duh, I’m her mom and I love her…sass n all!!!! But girls are tough! I mean really tough.

I have heard that as girls get older they get tougher and boys start off tough and get easier. I really hope that’s just a saying and not totally true. Ha! But as of now, it’s ringing very true. My son is the biggest love bug and the biggest punk all rolled into one! I really don’t know what planet he comes from, but seriously he’s his own funny and quirky personality. He is currently 6 years old so the puberty issue with him is a few years off (Thank God)! But let me tell you, he is like a little Sour Patch Kid. One minute he’s sour and then the next he’s sweet. Like, how come boys have a selective hearing issue? I swear my husband has it sometimes too! What’s funny (not really) is that my son is a really good student at school. Listens, behaves, does his work, etc. But when he gets home it’s like a whole different guy comes out. Let’s just say ages 3-6 have been very trying.

Now, I know what you must be thinking ‘ Geez lady, do you hate being a mom?’ And that’s just not the case. I actually really love being a mom! But being a mom is a tough job that literally you don’t get an interview or a pre-test to prepare for!!! It’s the most mind draining and fulfilling job any woman will ever have! It’s like I have this tiny army of crazy people around me that I created!!! You feel me??

Let’s talk about my baby girl!!! My little love bug! The one who hasn’t quite given me her sassy sass yet!!! Mostly because she’s only 9 months old and I’m Mommy, her favorite. In her eyes, I can do no wrong… fact the other two should take a lesson, haha! She is just a joy, the happiest of happy, and the cutest of cute. I’m biased, yep. I will admit, I’m very biased. I just love her so much I could burst! She’s the best! I think I get to really enjoy this one too because she’s my last baby. No more for us. Which makes me kind of sad when I think about it but I know it’s the right thing and let’s face it, kids are expensive!!! More so as they get older! So it’s official, we’re done!

#Momlife is the biggest blessing and has its moments where you wanna hide under a rock and hope they don’t find you. Literally, taking a shower alone is like a mini stay-cation. You might be laughing, but I’m dead serious here! I mean, no one prepares you for what you’re about to endure being a mom! And don’t get me started on being in charge of 3 extra lives on top of your own….it’s terrifying!!! All I can hope is that their daddy and I are teaching them the right approach to life and hope they go out on their own some day and make meaning with their lives!!! As I type this, I’m praying too!!! I love my babies!

To you, the mom reading this right now, I say, Girl…you got this! You’re doing an amazing job. Stop doubting yourself and know you’re doing the best you can! It’s not easy. In fact, it’s the hardest job you will ever have! They say it takes a village! And it’s true. It’s been rough holding myself together without completely losing it some days. There was once a time when I felt alone. I felt like ‘no one gets how I feel! No one will ever get it’. I felt like I had no friends to relate to and to cry with. I needed a village, my tribe. But over the years I’ve realized I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only one going through those issues. I was exactly like the rest. I like to think we’re all part of the same tribe! The Mom Tribe!

Cheers to you, Mama!

Until next time,

Xoxo Helena

Random Thoughts and Everything Else

The Christmas Detox

Hey friends, it’s me! Well, Christmas is over (can you hear me crying?)….If you don’t know me personally, then you wouldn’t know that the “Holiday Season” is my absolute fave. Ok well, it comes in at a close second to Fall, because well, Pumpkin Spice everything…need I say more?

Anyways, I always get so sad when it’s all over. All that’s left is a million n one boxes to break down, left over pieces of wrapping paper to pick up, tags on new clothing to pull off (yes I know I should use scissors but I’m a mom and I’m always in a hurry), a bunch of left over food that you plan on eating but never actually do because well 3 day old ham is gross….and your kids rooms look like a toy store exploded in there. It’s funny too because my daughter literally had a melt down that she had no where to put the billion n one craft sets that she got…I’m like, listen chick, next year you get nothing and like it!!!…..I’m just kidding….maybe….

Ok, back to my sob story of being sad Christmas is over….Don’t you feel so excited and happy when the holiday season hits? I know for me, I literally smile from ear to ear when the stores start putting out all of their Fall and Christmas decor and products. Now, there are a few who may not agree with me (if this is you, I’m sorry) but there is just something so warm and inviting about all of it. Ahhh can’t you still smell that Holiday Spice candle?

I own a small business and I have to think like a retailer when it comes to selling and gifting, especially during the holidays. So I start planning in July for something that doesn’t really happen until October/November. I guess in my reality the holidays take up about 6 months of my life, it’s no wonder I get sad. It’s like a puppy having its favorite chew toy taken away or a baby having its binky taken away…..I get attached and I can’t let go.

Now, this might sound contradicting, but I’m also relieved when the Holiday Season is over. I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘but didn’t you just say you get sad when it’s all over? Geez lady make up your mind!’ but in my defense…let me explain. I breathe a sigh of relief because during that 6 months of amazingness (is that a word?), I am literally go go go!!! I do not slow down and I definitely don’t have time to think about myself or my needs. It’s all about planning and taking action when it comes to my business, keeping a well oiled schedule for the kids activities, maintaining my house from becoming a giant pig sty, decorating to the nines (because duh, I love the holidays) and trying to remember to love on that handsome dude I call “Babe”. Trust me, it’s not all that glamorous at times but I manage and when I reflect on the 6 months after they pass, I just sit back and smile because it was all worth it!!!

So where does the “detox” part play in all this? Well, it’s a mental detox…it’s that regrouping and re-centering your focus now that all of the hustle and bustle has died down. Finding what you want to focus on for the new year and really disciplining yourself. Not just a “yea I really want to start working out” and then the next day head to the nearest fast food joint. No! Really disciplining yourself. A wise woman once said “if you stay in one place and continue to do the same things, don’t expect to have different results”. Think about it.

There seems to be a little bit of a let down after the holidays. I think because we’re so busy working and family activities, that we don’t have time to worry and focus on what we want as individuals. And as a woman, if you’re anything like me, you’re a people pleaser and you’d rather make sure everyone else is ok and has what they need vs. focus your attention on yourself for a minute. It’s almost scary to you, out of the norm. But this I say to you my friend, yes you…don’t forget to take some time for YOU, re-center yourself and head to the day spa. Whatever you need to do to recollect your thoughts, plan your goals and cleanse your soul (and belly) from all the hustle, bustle and sweet confections you endured the past few months.

Take a breather. Tell the hubby “hey, babe…I need a ‘me’ day” and plan to take yourself to your happy place for a few hours…mine being the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa. This will make you a better mom, wife, friend and biz owner. Seriously, I’m not kidding. It’s true…try it! But don’t say I didn’t warn you…you may become addicted to ‘me’ time….it’s nice.

Ok, I’ve rambled on enough…the decorations are all put away, the holiday candles have been blown out, the trash has been picked up, the tags have been pulled off, the new clothes have been washed and the toys have been organized and put away….I’ve had my “Christmas Let Down Pity Party (of one)”……..*sips coffee*…….its goal time!!!!

But first, a nap…..

Happy 2019 my Friends,

Xoxo Helena

This is just a small part of my Christmas decor…isn’t it fun?
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Just the Beginning….

Hello friends. It’s me….and if you don’t know who ‘me’ is…keep reading…

I’m a mom of 3. Wifed up 7 years ago to a rather handsome fella who I thank God for every day. He’s amazing and he puts up with my crap. Now, don’t let that fool you, I put up a lot of his crap too, haha! That’s a story for another day, let’s talk about why I started this blog, shall we.

So, I decided to start blogging officially about a week ago, but I’ve wanted to do it for quite awhile now. I’ve decided 2019 is the year to do things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t take the time or didn’t have the confidence to do. I really want to connect with other moms, small business owners and entrepreneurs who maybe need some motivation, inspiration, a good laugh, a good read, and just someone who maybe they can relate and know they’re not alone in the crazy thing we call life.

For me, it was a rough 2018. I mean, I pretty much became a mom of 3 over night, at least it seems that way. Again, a story for another day. But I honestly wouldn’t change the path I’m on. Our story has been mapped out by our one and only creator above and we only have the power to listen or not to listen. Maybe that’s what William Shakespeare meant when he wrote “To be or not to be”. It took me a minute but now I’m ready and 2019 is My Year!!!

So, my friends, family and whomever might be reading this, I say Don’t be afraid, Do what you want to do, Dream Big, Chase your Goals, Stay on your own path, Don’t listen to the haters, ignore the dream snatchers, and ALWAYS remember YOU GOT THIS!

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope you will subscribe and follow along.

Xoxo Helena